Grass fed meat and dairy

Grass fed beef: Omega 3 fatty acids decline in the fat of steers as a function of their time on grain. The longer on grain, the lower the Omega 3s. Read a comparison of grass fed beef to salmon.


Grass fed beef liver: Liver is a fatty food and the effects of grass feeding are impressive in this food item. Read more about liver and Omega 3 fatty acids.


Dairy products from cows on pasture: The content of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in dairy products increases as a function of pasture in the cow's diet. Read more on CLA, weight loss, and dairy products.


Omega-3 ALA, butterfat, and pasture: The content of the Omega 3 fatty acid alpha linoleic acid (ALA) also improves as pasture in the cow's diet increases, though the content is low regardless.


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