U.S. Crop Data

Genetically Modified (GM) crops: We see rapid growth in the adoption of genetically modified seed by producers of soybeans, cotton, and corn. In 2009, 85% of all corn, 88% of all cotton, and 91% of all soybeans were grown from genetically modified seed. (Primary data at USDA ERS)


Farmers' share of food revenue is on the decline: The consumer price of food includes transportation, packaging, marketing, corporate profits, processing, fuel, and labor costs. Since 1950, the farmer share of the consumer food dollar has declined from 41% to 19% in 2006. Find the primary data and methodology at the USDA website.


Rise in organic producers: The number of organic producers has increased from 6,592 in 2000 to 10,159 in 2006. Find the primary data at the USDA website.


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